Lemonade Stand – remake of the classic game by Maverick

There are probably a lot of parents out there who have fond memories of playing this game as a kid.  I remember playing it on our Apple IIe, trying to figure out the right balance and how to make it through the storms.  It was satisfying making your highest profits, buying just the right amount of materials, and making your mark on the lemonade stand.  I wasn’t sure if Sal would be into this game yet, but his dad talked to him about the game, having his own little virtual business, and the kid was into it.

There are several versions of Lemonade Stand – we picked 3 to try out and review – this will be the first of three.    There are different pros and cons to this – for this one – the simplicity of this is a pro and con – partially depending on your child’s age.  There are fancier versions out there – but just for getting the basics of the game, and getting immediate feedback on the effect of your actions – this game does the trick.   I’d recommend this as a starting point for younger kids.

I was surprised by how much Sal enjoyed this.   It got him talking later about businesses and doing the work vs managing the work.    He got a kick out of trying out different variables, like the prices.   There are some features I would have liked to have seen, like a proper save in the middle of the game – but I think we’ll be having some fun trying to see who can be the king of the 30 day profits.

Cost:  $0.99

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