Intro to Math: Math app using goodness of Montessori methods and materials on the iPad

I do a lot of digging trying to find apps that look promising.   When I saw this one being announced I was pretty excited.  We chose a Montessori school for Sal for a lot of reasons and feel it was a good choice for him.   One of the things you are struck by in a traditional Montessori school is the calming sense of order in the classroom.  When we found Sal’s school – this is what struck us first – and the fact that they could have so many responsible 3 – 5 year olds who knew their jobs and that they respected the materials that they would explore.

That school also had a 2 day parent course to help parents understand how children were introduced to concepts and what their children would experience.   It was great to see how they scaffold concepts for these young minds.

I’ll be adding to this post later and am hoping to hear from others (as like any of these apps 🙂  ).     Last night I tried this one – and it immediately reminded me of the clean, non-cluttered serenity of a montessori school.   There are a few bugs to be worked out, but I will be asking Sal to try this out and compare it to how he was introduced. 

There are a couple options I would have liked to have seen – like turning off the automated counting while the child goes through the practice of touching the number rods to count – but overall – a lot of the integrity was kept in how these number concepts are introduced and it does a beautiful job with the progression.   I am hoping that we can have some of our friends with younger kids try this one out as they delve into their first forays into number sense.

Starting this thread now – shout out to any parents of young ones to give some feedback on this one.

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