BrainPOP – Free educational and fun short clips with quizzes

This was my first introduction to BrainPOP, and viewing the robot character, I knew that it would be popular with Sal.     Talking to some mommy friends I found out they have a more extensive website with an array of educational clips that you can subscribe to for a fee.

There are a series of short animated clips that take on different topics.   The clips are really geared more to mid-elementary school kids and older, as well as the quizzes they have after the clip.  It wasn’t a perfect fit for Sal, but it did generate some good conversations around Helen Keller and Jane Goodall and the quizzes are challenging.  Some of the comments I saw felt the clips were to liberal in their slant.

I’m hoping they introduce Brain Pop Jr. and will be keeping an eye out for that.   It’s a good conversation starter and they do a fun job of introducing the topics.

Cost:  Free!

Note:  I’d like to add a bit here.  After reading this review, had a good conversation with hubby about this one and he brought up some good points (it happens).   Even though this one is geared to older kids – it does plant seeds and provide fodder for some great conversations.   A lot of these apps – it’s not just the app itself that can provide the value – but also the discussions they can fuel and be used to reference in other topics.  This app could be taken as a passive watch and learn – or it can be taken as an opportunity to discuss, work through the quiz together, and create that stepping stone.

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