Math Bingo – flashcard app disguised as fun

Ah Math Bingo, high ranking app for Sal and one of the top paid apps in the Education section.   What makes this one popular?   Those silly-grinned Bingo Bugs are addictive to collect.

It’s a simple concept – get 5 in a row – a la Bingo – to complete the game.    You pick your placement by answering the math equation up top.  Your score is based off how fast you can get your 5 in a row.  Get on the top 3 board for your category and you’ve got yourself a lovely bingo bug that you can play with.

We actually had to do a reinstall of this one to reset the board since some of the adults were having to much fun trying to beat each other’s score and getting Bingo Bugs that it got to hard for Sal to win any.   If you do play, just play on a level your kid will not so they can focus on knocking out their own scores rather then trying to beat yours.

This is basically math flashcards, but cleverly disguised in a game of bingo to make this one more fun for your kid.   Big kids can challenge themselves too as it has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and each operator has 3 levels.

Cost: $0.99

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