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  • rushhour_ipad

    RushHour – popular puzzle game in app format

    This is another popular crossover from puzzle game to app. Sal got this traffic game puzzle from ThinkFun from his grandfather and enjoyed trying to see how far he could go in the challenges. In the game you get a beginning layout that can vary […]

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  • Hang genius

    Hang Genius – a cute game of hangman, if a game about hanging someone can be cute.

    So, I don’t really know how the game of hangman came up and as I was describing it to my son the other day, I realized that there were a lot of questions about the game’s origins that I didn’t know and didn’t really want […]

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  • Peg game

    Peg games – some logic and planning ahead.

    Peg board games have been around for a long time and are still pretty popular. Some diners even have them tableside to keep you busy while you’re waiting for your food.  Idea is to start with 1 open space, then remove pieces from the board […]

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  • lemonadeTycoon

    Lemonade Tycoon – app for the older kid to stretch their business skills

    As promised (but a bit late) here is the review for the second app we tried for lemonade stand.     We had bought 3 different versions, I reviewed the Maverick version which was a good translation of the original game adopted for an iOS device and […]

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  • tChess lite

    tChess lite – free chess game

    I’ve mentioned that our little guy is into chess and though Animal Chess is better suited for him now, I figured it couldn’t hurt to explore a chess game or two.  The Game Table app is great for recreating the real world issues of chess, […]

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  • Animal Chess

    Animal Chess – great transition to strategic board games

    Animal chess is a traditional Chinese board game.  As far as rules go, it’s between checkers and chess in complexity.  Our son has been interested in playing chess, but he doesn’t really comprehend all the rules yet.  We’ve found Animal Chess to be a great […]

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  • web-1

    Blokus – the popular board game that you’ll never lose pieces to.

    We’ve been playing the Blokus Duo game for a while now with Sal.  He’s picked up on the strategy pretty quickly so when we were traveling I thought it’d be nice to be able to bring Blokus along without the risk of losing any of […]

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