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  • IMG_0204

    Albert – a truly unique game that captured our attention all weekend.

    Albert is like no other game we’ve seen. Apparently, they’ve created the graphics by cutting out over 1,000 cardboard figures, photographed them, then imported them into the game.  It gives the game a very distinct look and feel. The feel in fact, goes beyond just […]

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  • web-13

    Question Builder – fun reading and scene comprehension games.

    I really like this one. The have a question at the top, a picture at the bottom that describes a scene, and multiple choice answers in the middle. For any given picture, there are a variety of questions that your child can be asked.  They […]

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  • tamgran_grande

    Tangrams XL – Free app to master those seven magic shapes

    Tangrams has been one of the games at Sal’s grandfather’s house that he has been circling. It is a traditional black 7 shaped piece with a booklet of silhouettes that is challenging for any beginner. Typically I think it’s good for a kid to play […]

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  • web-12

    Kid Klok – a popular clock, turned into an app.

    So, I hadn’t heard of the Kid Klok before, but it seems to have a decent following.  And it seems like it could help out with learning how to tell time, given the dual format of the arms/numbers.  The creator is a cognitive psychologist who […]

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  • Peg game

    Peg games – some logic and planning ahead.

    Peg board games have been around for a long time and are still pretty popular. Some diners even have them tableside to keep you busy while you’re waiting for your food.  Idea is to start with 1 open space, then remove pieces from the board […]

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  • analogy

    Analogy – some electronic flashcards but not much more

    As I went through my artificial intelligence coursework, it became clear to me that analogies are the mark of intelligence.  The ability to see the salient facts of one situation and re-apply them to another is fundamental to learning, discovery, and growth.  Mimicry, the first […]

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  • pbHarmony

    Perfect Balance Harmony – a fun way to introduce some laws of physics

    A game with subtle physics lessons that will delight your child for years to come.  When they’re in college, they’ll look back on their days of playing Perfect Balance Harmony and give it credit for all their A’s in the hard sciences.  Well, maybe it […]

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  • Trace

    Trace – creative problem solving game

    This is one of those wonderfully simple apps that keeps you coming back.  It’s not complicated visually, but the essence of the game is very rich.  You need to move your little stick figure across the screen, avoiding various dangers along the way, to the […]

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    Just Find it

    Did you subscribe to “Highlights” as a kid?   If you did, remember when they had those 2 pictures where you’d get to look for what the difference was?  This is that game.   Back then I didn’t realize it was good for memory building […]

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