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    Merriam-Webster Dictionary – voice search capability great for new spellers

    Maybe a dictionary doesn’t seem as fun of an app – but I have to say I am so excited that there was a dictionary app that had a voice search. We have a reluctant writer in our house – I’m not going to name […]

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  • banner

    Sticker Sudoku – fun intro for kids to logic puzzles

    We’re excited to announce our first app! We’ve been big fans of how intuitive iOS apps are to kids and have been impressed with how quickly they are being adopted in schools. Sal’s school has gotten a set of iPads that are very popular with […]

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  • wordWarrior

    Word Warrior – Fun Spelling App

    As the lil guy progresses in Kindergarten they do a surprising amount of writing in his class. Sal’s a strong reader, but we’re working on improving the mechanics of writing and some spelling. This game was a quick favorite for Sal and seemed to have […]

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  • Genikids Orchestra

    Genikids Orchestra – fun little music box.

    One of the little dude’s favorite toys as an infant was the Mozart Music Cube. Each side of the cube was an instrument and as you turned each side on, that instrument would start to play its portion of the song.  You can have the […]

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  • tamgran_grande

    Tangrams XL – Free app to master those seven magic shapes

    Tangrams has been one of the games at Sal’s grandfather’s house that he has been circling. It is a traditional black 7 shaped piece with a booklet of silhouettes that is challenging for any beginner. Typically I think it’s good for a kid to play […]

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  • Hang genius

    Hang Genius – a cute game of hangman, if a game about hanging someone can be cute.

    So, I don’t really know how the game of hangman came up and as I was describing it to my son the other day, I realized that there were a lot of questions about the game’s origins that I didn’t know and didn’t really want […]

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  • Peg game

    Peg games – some logic and planning ahead.

    Peg board games have been around for a long time and are still pretty popular. Some diners even have them tableside to keep you busy while you’re waiting for your food.  Idea is to start with 1 open space, then remove pieces from the board […]

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  • web

    Who am I? An animal guessing game that teaches fun animal facts.

    This is a straightforward app that educates while building confidence. They give clues about animals, some are obvious and others not so obvious. Over time, your child will gain knowledge about the animals, while gaining confidence with the more knowledge they know. I was surprised […]

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  • PearlDiver

    Pearl Diver – math app that actually makes number line practice exciting

    This gem (or pearl) was found over at love2learn2day’s blog (a gem of a site for folks looking for math inspiration of all kinds – balancing concepts with skill practice, an impressive math book list, math games galore and more 🙂 ).    Besides finding out […]

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  • BrainPop

    BrainPOP – Free educational and fun short clips with quizzes

    This was my first introduction to BrainPOP, and viewing the robot character, I knew that it would be popular with Sal.     Talking to some mommy friends I found out they have a more extensive website with an array of educational clips that you can subscribe […]

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