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  • wordWarrior

    Word Warrior – Fun Spelling App

    As the lil guy progresses in Kindergarten they do a surprising amount of writing in his class. Sal’s a strong reader, but we’re working on improving the mechanics of writing and some spelling. This game was a quick favorite for Sal and seemed to have […]

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  • CocoaNaut

    CocoaNaut – great game to support, so they bring more apps to the iPhone.

    CocoaNaut is a cross over game.  Cocoa is a monkey from ItzaZoo, which is a Windows game. And a fantastic game at that.  So good that I am completely satisfied buying CocoaNaut in the hopes that it shows enough support that they port more games […]

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  • PuppetPals

    Puppet Pals – Fun iPad app for your kids to create their own puppet shows

    This is a great way to develop story telling and encourage creativity by creating your own puppet shows.  You can download the base set which includes a few puppets and a western scene stage to get started.  This was enough to sell us on this app and […]

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  • Teach Me

    Teach Me Kindergarten – Great app for early reading, spelling, and math

    This one is a popular one with a lot of our friends and I can see why.    I only recently downloaded and tried this app but wish I had introduced Sal to it earlier when he was starting to read.    It has a bit of […]

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  • Animal Chess

    Animal Chess – great transition to strategic board games

    Animal chess is a traditional Chinese board game.  As far as rules go, it’s between checkers and chess in complexity.  Our son has been interested in playing chess, but he doesn’t really comprehend all the rules yet.  We’ve found Animal Chess to be a great […]

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  • drawingpad

    Drawing Pad – art app for kids

    This is the first app that really sold me on the iPad for Sal.   Like other parents, our walls are covered with our kid’s art.   Pictures are peeling off the wall, and I’m struggling with that question of what to keep and what to <gasp> […]

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