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    Mathmateer – can math practice be addictive?

    When I found out the developer of Stack the States had a math app, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I checked out the game before unleashing my kid on it – and immediately noticed it’s a very rich app with beautiful […]

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    StackEm – great board game for two.

    * note – just got word that this game has been taken down due to conflict between Goblet and Stackem, I’ll keep an eye opened on this, but for now seems like the game has been removed* We’re at the point where the restaurant menus […]

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  • wordWarrior

    Word Warrior – Fun Spelling App

    As the lil guy progresses in Kindergarten they do a surprising amount of writing in his class. Sal’s a strong reader, but we’re working on improving the mechanics of writing and some spelling. This game was a quick favorite for Sal and seemed to have […]

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  • web-13

    Question Builder – fun reading and scene comprehension games.

    I really like this one. The have a question at the top, a picture at the bottom that describes a scene, and multiple choice answers in the middle. For any given picture, there are a variety of questions that your child can be asked.  They […]

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  • Genikids Orchestra

    Genikids Orchestra – fun little music box.

    One of the little dude’s favorite toys as an infant was the Mozart Music Cube. Each side of the cube was an instrument and as you turned each side on, that instrument would start to play its portion of the song.  You can have the […]

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  • analogy

    Analogy – some electronic flashcards but not much more

    As I went through my artificial intelligence coursework, it became clear to me that analogies are the mark of intelligence.  The ability to see the salient facts of one situation and re-apply them to another is fundamental to learning, discovery, and growth.  Mimicry, the first […]

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  • IntroToMath

    Intro to Math: Math app using goodness of Montessori methods and materials on the iPad

    I do a lot of digging trying to find apps that look promising.   When I saw this one being announced I was pretty excited.  We chose a Montessori school for Sal for a lot of reasons and feel it was a good choice for him.   […]

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  • Teach Me

    Teach Me Kindergarten – Great app for early reading, spelling, and math

    This one is a popular one with a lot of our friends and I can see why.    I only recently downloaded and tried this app but wish I had introduced Sal to it earlier when he was starting to read.    It has a bit of […]

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  • iWriteWords


    I debated on what the first app review should be.   His favorite?  A particular category?  Luckily it got answered for me with questions around learning to write.     Is this the first app Sal will crack open when he gets some time on the iPhone?  Nah.   […]

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