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    StickerSudoku 1.1 – new version – track scores and more

    Just a quick shout out – we have a new version of StickerSudoku out! Some of the new features were taken from suggestions from friends and comments in the reviews in iTunes. Whats new: – We’ve added a leaderboard within the game, since we found […]

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    We Theives – Cute problem solver, though maybe a little dark.

    These guys are cute, no doubt about it. But the story line is a little strange, with them stealing treasures. Them stealing treasures without the ability to move on their own even – they need to be pushed and prodded through physics (gravity, levers, explosions) […]

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    What was I scared of – an easy to digest Dr. Seuss story

    Our son’s kindergarten class had a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration and his homework was to talk about his favorite book.  He said he didn’t like Dr. Seuss at all.  I thought it’d be interesting if he would write his summary up in the green eggs […]

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    Solitaire Chess – if chess and the peg puzzle had a baby

    The kind folks at ThinkFun let me know about this one after they saw how much we enjoyed RushHour. They were very sweet and provided a promo code so that we could try this one out too. Basically this is the peg game – but […]

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    I Just Forgot – cute little book with enough interactions to help young readers

    I wasn’t familiar with this Little Critter series, but the dude kind of grew on me.  He’s not perfect, making him much easier to relate to. I like books with a clear, simple message and this one fits the bill.  We go through the day […]

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    ItzaBitza for the Mac – great for early reading comprehension

    We’ve written about the great ItzaBitza line before when reviewing their app CocoaNaut.  I happened to be reading up on what they’re doing lately, to get any hints about when their next iOS release would be and found out that ItzaBitza is also out on […]

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    The Three Pigs – pop up book deluxe!

    I remember the books as a kid that had some sort of interaction with them.  Usually tabs you could pull to pop up a tree or make someone’s tail wag or sometimes, change an image in a window by having the “blinds” change.  All sort […]

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    Free the Fobbles – fun little two player game

    This one was made by a fellow Corona developer. It is a nice, simple game, designed for two players. Kind of wish we had thought of it. Basically, one removes little logs that allow the Fobbles to fall down to the ground.  First team to […]

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    No longer free books …

    Seems like Yoplait Kids is sponsoring some iStoryTime applications, so their books (normally $.99) were free for a limited time. We enjoyed Peanut Butter Bob more than the Invisible Alligators or Wiener Dog Magnet.  Partially because it was an easier story to read – the […]

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    Mathmateer – can math practice be addictive?

    When I found out the developer of Stack the States had a math app, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I checked out the game before unleashing my kid on it – and immediately noticed it’s a very rich app with beautiful […]

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