I Just Forgot – cute little book with enough interactions to help young readers

I wasn’t familiar with this Little Critter series, but the dude kind of grew on me.  He’s not perfect, making him much easier to relate to.

I like books with a clear, simple message and this one fits the bill.  We go through the day of Little Critter and his successes and his forgetfulness.  We can all relate, some 5 year olds better than others.  Plenty of talking points to compliment him on what he remembered and came up with plans for how to remember the things that he (and we might) forget.

It is another well done Oceanhouse media production. Good sound effects that add to the story, without being a distraction.  And little “find the spider” and “find the mouse” games integrated into each page gives you a little interaction without slowing down the pace of the story.

I do also like the way that they read aloud and write the various objects in the page so you can touch and read more than just the words in the story.  They do an impressive job with how many objects are covered in this manner too.  And just gives the reader more familiarity and comfort with words.

All in all, this is the type of book I’m happy to spend 1.99 on and be able to read a few times with my son.  It’s part of the eLibrary I imagined having on the phone and iPad and these stories have enough expression in them that they’re easy to enjoy a few times, and for him to share with other younger kids that we run into.

Cost: $1.99 – Universal app for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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