No longer free books …

Seems like Yoplait Kids is sponsoring some iStoryTime applications, so their books (normally $.99) were free for a limited time.

We enjoyed Peanut Butter Bob more than the Invisible Alligators or Wiener Dog Magnet.  Partially because it was an easier story to read – the text was more clearly separated.  I really don’t get why people make kids books with typefaces that are difficult or not well separated from the graphics.

But partially it made more sense (yes – a peanut butter blob and a jelly fish friend made more sense than the other stories).  The Wiener Dog Magnet did have a funny twist in it, but the Invisible Alligators still has me scratching my head about the point of it.  There are some other iStoryTime books on sale for free too, but I didn’t feel they warranted a mention.  The quality varies quite a bit.  I’d feel disappointed if I wasn’t getting these stories for free.

Though I got a kick out of the artwork in the books.  Fun, simple, appealing to a child.  Not setting the bar too high could help inspire Sal to keep on drawing. Maybe this weekend we’ll start up another book via Strip Designer.

iPad and iPhone universal apps:

Peanut Butter Bob –
Cost: $0.99

Invisible Alligators –
Cost: $0.99

Wiener Dog Magnets – No longer listed

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