Pearl Diver – math app that actually makes number line practice exciting

This gem (or pearl) was found over at love2learn2day’s blog (a gem of a site for folks looking for math inspiration of all kinds – balancing concepts with skill practice, an impressive math book list, math games galore and more ūüôā ).¬†¬†¬† Besides finding out about this app – I was very excited to find this treasure trove of math resources and expertise.

In this app¬†you get to play a pearl diver who is told where the pearl is hiding on a number line on the bottom of the sea.¬†¬† If you dive to that number and avoid the electric eel – you get your pearl prize.¬†¬† Get at least 4 pearls before the timer runs out,¬†with enough lives in¬†tact – you get to proceed to the next level.¬† ¬†The number line changes as you progress – first taking you through a basic 0 -> 10 line, then taking you into -5 -> 5,¬† and then through a series of fractions (truth be told, this may go into more but this is as far as I’m able to progress…).¬†¬†¬† There is a fun intermission between levels that let’s you cut some “sushi” as close to the fractional numbers as possible.

This game is very well done – and only wish it had a few changes/options to accomodate younger players.¬†¬† Sal has a solid whole number line sense and has been “diving” into negative numbers and fraction concepts – but could not quite react fast enough to finish out the¬†level.¬† What I did love was watching him count backwards to get to the right post faster if it was a higher number.¬†¬†¬† It would be great to get access to the program to¬†add a time variable option so you could¬†increase the time for younger players.¬†¬† Sal was also pretty intimidated by the eel.

I’ll be on the lookout for a similar game geared to a younger audience.¬†¬† Oh, and I’ll have to get my practice in to get “Mom” on top of the¬†high score board over “Dad”.

Cost:  Free!

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