Lemonade Tycoon – app for the older kid to stretch their business skills

As promised (but a bit late) here is the review for the second app we tried for lemonade stand.     We had bought 3 different versions, I reviewed the Maverick version which was a good translation of the original game adopted for an iOS device and was ideal for younger users (easier to navigate, fewer variables to wrestle with, straight forward introduction to a fun game).    

This one Sal tried out as well and although he was initially drawn to it – he eventually decided he preferred the Maverick version.   This version has more bells and whistles, both in the options and in the ability to watch a sim-like replica of your day as customers come by your stand.

The options let you play with not only your supplies, recipe, pricing, and basic marketing – but also with a couple expensive options like location and additional employees.  It makes for some intersting twists.   Sal invested in a clown to keep his customers entertained in line – but this was before he really had built up to having customers waiting in line and really before he could make that investment financially. 

As I like to say – it makes for good conversations.    Watching your day progress is a bit gimicky but fun for kids to watch.     I’ll reintroduce this one to Sal when he’s older, when he’s got a few more math skills under his belt to track some of his bigger expenditures.

Cost: $0.99

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