Drawing Pad – art app for kids

This is the first app that really sold me on the iPad for Sal.   Like other parents, our walls are covered with our kid’s art.   Pictures are peeling off the wall, and I’m struggling with that question of what to keep and what to <gasp> toss.

Enter Drawing Pad.  Sal instantly fell in love with this app, exploring all the options, trying things out, playing with the options.   It’s watching him figure these out without much guidance that really makes you think that this interface holds a key for kids.   He found some virtual stickers you could add to your picture, figured out how to move and lock them down, resize them, how to save his art, and more.  My husband set up an email account for him with an address book of our family that makes it simple for him to email all his works he really likes.   These I don’t have to worry about what to do to save them or timestamp them!

This is his favorite right now (Sal 5.0), it has a virtual tray of different art supplies that he loves to swap around and use.  Also, for those of you who have kids with a perfectionist streak that frustrates them when they make a mark they didn’t – it’s very simple to back out your last movement or to erase.

Sal loves this and so do we.    We’ve also had fun trying to resurrect our creative side playing with this app.

Cost: $1.99

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